About GrantTree

Founded by Daniel Tenner and Paulina Sygulska, GrantTree is a rapidly growing company whose team of women and men help UK technology companies secure funding without sacrificing equity.

The company deals primarily with R&D Tax Credits and Grants, but is also in the process of launching some exciting new finance products for the tech space.

We’ve had a very profitable first three years as a company, with turnover growing threefold each year, and we managed to bring in more than £1m in our third year.

We believe in working healthy and productive hours. The best work is done by people who are happy and well rested - and we want the best work.

Following the example of companies who’ve managed to successfully implement a modern culture, such as Semco, Valve, and Zappos, we are building a progressive, open-minded, non-traditional organisation. Unless you have worked in a forward thinking startup (particularly in the Valley), it’s likely that you have never seen a similar working environment. Benefits of working with us include flexible and remote working, an empowering and vibrant place to work and a pool table, amongst others.

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