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GrantTree was founded in 2010 by Paulina and Daniel Tenner, out of a desire to deliver tangible support to startups, tech companies, and other innovators. We have successfully enabled exciting companies to obtain government funding ranging from a few thousand to a few million pounds.

We’ve had a very profitable first six years as a company. We managed to bring in more than £1m in our third year, and we continue to grow year on year.


GrantTree is a unique place to work. We want an environment where everyone has the freedom, power and trust to do great work. We call this open culture. It’s been successful for us so far, although it's not for everyone (we encourage you to check out our GlassDoor reviews).


We believe that people should be rewarded fairly for the work they do. At GrantTree there is transparency over salaries and the way we work them out.

Aside from money, we offer a great environment where you can be yourself. We believe in helping you develop your skills and fulfil your potential. We have a flexible approach to working, and some of our staff work remotely most of the time. You can also take up to 6 weeks as holiday.

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